Act The Word...

Act The Word...

Words according to the Scriptures are life. It can either lighten the mood of the hearer or make such go deep into depression.

The kind of words spoken to someone can determine what becomes of them at every particular point in time.

Even Jesus said it amongst His Laid commandments that we're to live by and not only did He speak life-giving words, but He also acted it.

God is a "Man of His Word" which means that He acts His Words.

Bringing this down to the context of your relationship with your spouse, you say you love him/her but are you acting on it? 

There's more to saying you love Him, can you act love by meeting his needs even when it doesn't seem too convenient for you? 

Can you act the word by buying some gifts for your partner because you know that's their love language?

It will do your relationship good if you'd just act the word by spending time with your partner instead of giving excuses every time.

The Word you speak, that LOVE is an action word and you must ‘act’ it to get the best out of your relationship with your partner.

I hope someone will stumble on this and begin to ACT LOVE towards their partner instead of just saying it.

It will do your relationship good!

Beyond the letters, I pray your eyes of understanding are enlightened in Jesus's Name. Amen.

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I am Elekede Joy. I am a student of Federal College of Education Abeokuta. I'm a preacher of the Gospel, awriter, and a relationship counselor.